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Introducing Results+
The new upgrade for your TextTank account...
Results+ lets you have more control and easier management of your SMS campaigns. The Results+ package gives you added features including the ability to set up automated responses to make on-going communications quicker and easier, while the new start/stop feature allows your database to be automatically updated, saving you the need to manually amend, lists of contacts.
The new advanced reporting feature in Results+ turns TextTank into a complete campaign management tool, allowing you to produce bespoke campaign reports to present to your managers and peers. This will help you evaluate your campaigns, find out which messages have had the most impact, analyse delivery rates, and assess your keyword usage.
Upgrade your account today and benefit from the following features:
Customer Start/Stop SMS: Allow your customers to opt in and out of your communications using the START / STOP feature. This ensures your contact lists are always up to date, saving you the time of manually updating them. Activate the global opt-out feature to simultaneously amend all lists when recipients unsubscribe, resulting in completely streamlined data management.
Auto-responder: Send automatic responses to those that send messages to your keywords. Your response can thank customers for their interest, confirm appointments or provide further information. Bespoke responses can also be set-up for those using START / STOP commands with your keywords.
Message Notification: Ensure you never miss an incoming keyword contact by setting up unread message notifications to an email address or mobile phone number. You can also forward keyword messages by email, making it easier to read them wherever you are.
Advanced reporting: Generate bespoke reports based on campaigns you run throughout the date range you set. TextTank will produce a PDF output ready for you to present to your management team. - Preview an example report   
Dedicated Account Manager: You will be allocated an Account Manager who will be on hand by email and phone during office hours.
We're always developing and adding new Results+ features. Results+ users will gain access to updates as soon as they become available.
The upgrade package is available for the one-time payment of £50. You will then have full access to the new features for as long as you use your TextTank account. To upgrade simply login to your TextTank account and select Results+ on the payment page.
Please note: Price excludes VAT.
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