Sending SMS Text Messages From Your Business is as easy as 1,2,3...
Sending SMS Text Messages From Your Business is as easy as 1,2,3...
Sending SMS Text Messages From Your Business is as easy as 1,2,3...
Health club and gym marketing using the cheapest flat-rate bulk SMS service in the UK
TextTank is the cheapest flat-rate SMS text messaging service in the UK used in health club and gym marketing campaigns to send effective and low cost SMS alerts to members and prospective members.
Gyms use TextTank SMS text message marketing to:

Grow opt-in databases via incoming keywords.

Download our handy guide to grow your SMS database and start collecting member mobile phone numbers today. Act now to benefit your health club or gym marketing efforts and develop a competitive advantage in the future.

Send 'refer a friend' and seasonal offers via SMS.

Response rates are higher than email, leaflet, radio, and poster-based advertising, and SMS offers can easily be forwarded and circulated amongst friends. Receive your demonstration SMS by texting WORKOUT to +447717990000

Make the health club or gym marketing budget work harder and be more accountable.

The cost of a TextTank SMS text message is 3.5p. This is far cheaper than an average 60p phone call and 50p direct mail leaflet. Send personalised bulk SMS messages and save administration time too.

Increase membership renewal rates via SMS.

Identify members that have not been in for a while and entice them in by sending an offer, such as a free personal training session. It's quick to upload contact lists into TextTank and send your messages.

Target former health club or gym members

and take advantage of TextTank mail merge features to send personalised SMS messages with an offer to win them back.

Increase attendance at health club events or gym classes by sending SMS reminders.

It's easy and takes seconds to send SMS messages to all members, groups of members, or individual members. Segment your database and upload targeted contact lists into TextTank.

Notify members of class availability or class cancellation before it's too late via SMS.

It's free to receive SMS responses so members can book their place into a class if a space becomes available.
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Top 5 reasons to sign-up for a TextTank account
TextTank is operated by CardBoardFish, a UK-based global leader in SMS text messaging since 2000 with clients in over 150 countries. TextTank is our dedicated UK service. Here are the top 5 reasons to sign-up for an account today:
Low, low prices... The cheapest flat-rate SMS service in the UK.
Reliable and fast delivery
Intuitive web based business application
No monthly fees or lengthy contracts. It's free to sign-up and you only pay for what you use.
24/7 support in the UK and your own account manager